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Welcome to minisprintracing.com, a site devoted to the traditional driver behind the engine, upright open wheel race car, utilizing 600cc to 1200cc engines. The Welterweight Sprint Car for "Squirtin' Dirt"!




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American Mini Sprint Assoc. (IN)

AMSQ - (Quebec, CN)

ASCS2 Cactus Region (AZ)

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West Texas 1200 Outlaws


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Xtreme Thunder Racing Series (IL)



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July 14 / 15 / 16







 Flood makes it 2 for 2 at Colo. Mtspts. Park.

July 9, 2016 - Byers, CO -Andy Flood took the lead in the Colo. 1200 Outlaws feature with a couple laps left, and took his 2nd win in as many races here Sat. night. Ken Moore took the initial lead until B.J. Sauer got by to lead the field for the majoity of the laps. Sauer ended up with his best finish so far this season. Ken Brown was third, Alan Davis fourth, & Rob Wilkerson rounded out the top five.

Here are the evenings results ....

Heat 1
1- 1t Troy Ullery
2- 9 Andy Flood
3- 5 Ken Moore
4- 10 Ken Brown
5- 96 Zac Heuberger

Heat 2
1- 17 Rob Wilkerson
2- 0 BJ Sauer
3- 6 Alan Davis
4- 60 Gary Helken
5- 12 Doug Johnson

1- 9 Andy Flood
2- 0 BJ Sauer
3- 10 Ken Brown
4- 6 Alan Davis
5- 17 Rob Wilkerson
6- 96 Zac Heuberger
7- 60 Gary Helken
8- 12 Doug Johnson
9- 5 Ken Moore
10- 1t Troy Ullery

There was great racing thru the field on a nice fast track.

The Colorado 1200 Outlaws return to racing action on July 30 here at Colo Mtspts Park, in supoport of the 1st Ernie DeCroce URSS 305 Nationals, the only 305 Nationalsin this state this season. Racing starts at 7 pm. Hope every can make it out that night.

For more information about our group, please visit our website atwww.1200outlaws.com .




** 2016 Clay Cup Nationals New Release**

With the 2016 Clay Cup Nationals just around the corner we are excited to share that the Jr. Sprint class has been added to this year's lineup. With the A-Main winner taking home a $600.00 payday! The Jr. Sprints will have 1 qualifying night (either Thursday or Friday) and Mains on Saturday. First 15 registered cars will get their choice of qualifying night.




Pepsi night at Deming Speedway


Pepsi night at Deming Speedway was a night to remember for a young lady in the MyTrafficMan.com 600R class.  Dakota Drake would drive the best race of her young career leading every lap and over coming a white flag lap caution,  a single file restart would allow the 14B of Bailey Sucich to get right up to the rear nerf of Dakota’s car, I don’t know what was more fun to watch or listen to, her father on the front straightaway, or her mother in the tower both extremely nervous especially after the late caution, the 14B of Sucich would not have enough as Dakota would hit her marks on each of the two remains laps allowing her to pick up her first main event win at Deming. 
Kasey Kahne Jr Sprints, Haley Constance would continue to DOMINATE the class picking up her 7th main event win of the year, the 28B of Blaine Granberg would give it his all to try and get his first main event win of the year, but would have to settle for the runner up position, finishing 3rd would be the 22 of Diesel Peyton Drake that would mark the 2nd time Peyton has finished on the podium. 
Shots to Go Espresso 1200 would see the 10 of Brock Lemley start on the front row next to Alex Lewis, Lemley would get the jump and basically check out on the field, as the race was coming to an end Lemley would come up on lap traffic and jump the tire of a lapper and almost put the car on its lid, however he would collect it up gather it back in and take the checkered flag. Clennon Holloway would do another great job in subbing for the injured Steven Hendrickson in the 13 car, Jared Gundersen would overtake Holloway for the runner up position with a couple of laps to go, Dustin Obrien would find himself behind the wheel of the 7R Russ Johnson prepared 1200. 1st Lemley, 2nd Gundersen, 3rd Holloway. 
Speedmart/Hoosier 600 open, would be action packed especially at the start of the race, as Schmidt and Torkelson would start side by side, and at the end of lap 1 Schmidt car coming out of 4 would lose power and with no where to go Torkelson would collect Schmidt, both cars losing many positions.  Back after a few weeks off and getting his teamed dialed in for the 2016 Clay Cup Nationals the 87 Liam Ryan would himself put on a driving clinic, he would have to get around the 48T of Tanner Holm and the 7 of Kyle Mitchell. Your finish for the main event 1st Liam Ryan, 2nd 48T Tanner Holm, 3rd 7 Kyle Mitchell, this main event would be shortened to 15 laps due to the rain that moved in and cut the nights final main event short.

Clay Cup 2016 next week Thursday, Friday and Saturday July 14 th, 15th and 16th look forward to seeing everyone

- Robin





Race Results

Sat July 9, 2016


I-35 Speedway --   Winston , MO

 The Midwest Lightning Sprints were back at our home track of I-35 Speedway on Sat nite after last week’s rain out.  The Johnson’s had the track smooth and fast.  A BIG thank you goes out to our sponsors for 2016, Liquid and Powdercoat Finishes, Adams & Eaton Concrete Pumping, and Rod End Supply.

 Heat 1

1st     51      Mark Billings          KC, MO

2nd    19      Paden Moreland      Bethany, MO

3rd       2      Jason Billups          Holt, MO

4th     12      Jon Lane                 KC, MO

5th     85      Ken Billings            KC, MO


Heat 2

1st    b20     Tom Brown             Ceresco, NE

2nd     49     Ryan Secrest            Newton, KS

3rd    25m   Tyler Miller              Gallatin, MO

4th      9s     Tony Layne              KC, MO 


Feature                                       Start Pos.

1st     51        Mark Billings                1

2n    b20       Tom Brown                   2

3rd       2        Jason Billups                5

4th     85        Ken Billings                 9

5th     19        Paden Moreland           3

6th     49        Ryan Secrest                4

7th     12        Jon Lane                       7

8th    25m      Tyler Miller                  6

9th      9s       Tony Layne                   8



The Lighting Sprints next race is at I-35 on July 23rd.  Make plans to come out and watch the Liquid & Powder Coat Finishes Midwest Lightning Sprints squirt the dirt. 


The racing in the Midwest Lightning Sprints is fiercely competitive.  With low cost maintenance and motorcycle power, this is still the most economical way to go fast in a race car.  These cars are 1 second a lap faster than an A Mod or a Late Model.  New drivers/cars are coming out each week.  We have drivers that have purchased new cars and have their good used cars for sale. Contact the MLS for info.


Bob Douglas











New Ohio Mini Sprint Group

Hi my name is Chris Smalley and I am starting a Mini Sprint group in southern Ohio. I am trying to get them built up again in southern part of Ohio.

We have nine races at Jackson County Speedway and Brushcreek Motorsports Complex.


If you need to know more about what I am trying to do and any more information you can call me at 1-740-708-1800.





Now as you can see to the left, there are quite a few of the organizations that have yet to develop a website (indicated with white background)...however several of them do have email address'. If you go to the bottom of each information page, you can find the names and address', and phone numbers for those organizations. If you have any update information, please pass on pertinent info. Thanks.




Your comments and suggestions are welcome, if you would like to link your mini sprint racing association, please email me at adavis_11@yahoo.com  .




Buy it at.... 


A Guide to Getting Started.

Upright Mini Sprint racing is one of the fastest growing segments of open wheel racing.  The class which features open wheel racers similar in size to a full-size midget, but powered by a motorcycle engine, have become a popular stepping stone for today's youth as well as a economical playground for the weekend warrior.  The cars run on both paved and dirt ovals around the world with the heaviest concentration in the United States.

Mini Sprint Racing 101 covers everything you need to know about getting started in the sport:


Selecting the right class of racing


What is an upright mini sprint?


A complete list of where mini sprints race


Understanding the engines used in mini sprints


Working with a chain drive car


Safety requirements


Buying your first mini sprint


Buyer's Guide


Rebuilding a used mini sprint


The basics of setting up a mini sprint


What will you need to go to the track


Before you get out on the track


Your first season




97 Pages including photographs.


Visit www.speedpartz.com to purchase.


2014 parade of champions



 - NLSA Champion (CN)



- Rocky Mtn. Lightning Sprints



 Colorado 1200 Outlaws



 Midwest Mini Sprint Assoc.



 Midwest Lightning Sprints



 American Mini Sprint Assoc.



 BCRA Midget Lites



-- Deming Speedway (WA) /NMSA - 1200's 



-- Deming Speedway (WA)/NMSA - 600's



- Deming Speedway (WA)/NMSA - 600 R



# 81 Matt Elmer - Western Outlaws (UT)



 Wisc. Mini Sprints



 Southern States Mini Sprints



 Black Hills Mini Sprint Tour



 Lake Speedway (ND)



 Granite State Mini Sprint Assoc. - 600cc Class



 Granite State Mini Sprint Assoc. - 500cc Class



 --  Western Slope Lightning Sprints (CO)



 Greenbush Race Park (MN)



 Illinois Lightning Sprints Series



 California Lightning Sprints



 -- Mod. Midgets of New Mexico



 -- Lightning Sprint Quebec (AMSQ)



 Florida Mini Sprint Assoc.


















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