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For Serious Racers"

Welcome to minisprintracing.com, a site devoted to the traditional driver behind the engine, upright open wheel race car, utilizing 600cc to 1200cc engines. The Welterweight Sprint Car for "Squirtin' Dirt"!







Association Links

American Mini Sprint Assoc. (IN)

AMSQ - (Quebec, CN)


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BCRA (CA) Midget Lites

Black Hills Mini Sprint Assoc. (SD)

California Lightning Sprints

Central New York Mini Sprints

Colorado 1200 Outlaws

Western Slope (CO) 1200 Lightning Sprints

East Coast Mini Sprint Assoc.


Empire Lightning Sprints

Florida Mini Sprints

Georgia Micro Sprints

Gulf Coast Winged Mini Sprints

Granite State

Greenbush Race Park (MN)


Central Illinois Mini Sprints

Illinois Lightning Sprint Series

Jayhusker Racing (NB/KN)

MidAmerica Lightning Sprints

Midwest Mini Sprint Assoc.(IN/OH)

Midwest Lightning Sprints (KN/MO)

Mini Sprint Racer -- Midwest Upright News

New Mexico Mini Sprints

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Montana Mini Sprints

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New Jersey

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New Zealand

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New Zealand Modified Sprints

Northeast Mini Sprint Assoc.

Northern Lightning Sprints (Man., CN)

Northwest Mini Sprints (WA)

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Southern Ohio Lightning Mini Sprints

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Oregon Mini Sprints

Rocky Mtn. Lightning Sprints (C0)

Southern Outlaw Winged 600's

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United Mini Sprint Assoc.

Western Outlaws Mini Sprints (UT)

Wisc./Illinois Mini Sprint Assoc.

West Texas 1200 Outlaws


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Xtreme Thunder Racing Series (IL)




























































...Upcoming Events...




MMSA Awards Banquet

Saturday, Dec. 16th, 2017

French Lick Indoor Karting

8331 Highway 56, West Baden, IN 47469

Doors open at 2:30 p.m. ET 

Dinner 3:15 p.m.

Awards 4:00 p.m.

Racing to follow

Remember MMSA’s drivers point fund pays top 20 in the series, plus trophies and other great surprises, and probably most important thing is MMSA will pay for your first race for your chance to claim the traveling trophy (which Cody Trammell has in his possession) plus a few extra dollars who can set the fastest overall time!

Kevin Bayer   1756 N. Shiloh Rd. Jasper, IN 47546






USAC Lightning Sprint National Championship Points Standings

Nov. 22, '17

The California Lightning Sprint Series closed the 2017 season with its biggest race of the year, the “USAC Western States Lightning Sprints Championship” last Saturday night at Bakersfield Speedway. This closed out the inaugural season of the USAC Lightning Sprint National Championship. The runner-up in the National Championship, Andy Bradley, won the last CLS race and put an exclamation point on a winning season. Andy led Bobby Michnowicz to the checkers in his own car. Both drivers completed 14 USAC sanctioned events this season finishing in the top three in the National standings and winning their respective clubs titles.
Tom Brown, another club champion, completed the most sanctioned events at 17. The MLS hosted the most events this season in the Kansas City area. With an even spread of USAC registered competitors among each club, the competition was fierce for points in this first season.

2017 Driver counts by club were:

MLS         5
MMSA      11
RMLSA     9
CLS          8

The last race provided a boost to some drivers totals. Jarrett Kramer moved up three positions while Eric Greco climbed four. Every club is represented within the top ten with three clubs tied with three drivers. The final rundown of the top twenty positions are:


                                   # of                                 
Rank       Group       Races      Driver                          Points
1 MMSA 13 Roderick Henning
2 MMSA 14 Andrew Bradley
3 CLS 14 Bobby Michnowicz
4 CLS 12 Jarrett Kramer
5 RMLSA 11 Johnny Boos
6 MLS 17 Tom Brown
7 CLS 12 Aiden Lange
8 MMSA 14 Justin Lewis
9 RMLSA 11 Steve Becker
10 RMLSA 11 Frank Martinez
11 CLS 9 Cody Nigh
12 RMLSA 8 Troy Ullery
13 MLS 15 Ryan Secrest
14 CLS 9 Eric Greco Jr.
15 RMLSA 9 Andy Flood
16 MMSA 13

Brandon Smith

17 RMLSA 10 Richard Marchbank
18 MLS 9 Kyle Lewis
19 CLS 10 Jon Robertson
20 CLS 7 Wyatt Downing


Rod Henning will be celebrated during USAC’s night of Champions on Friday December 8th in the Indiana Rooftop Ballroom. http://www.indianaroof.com/ 
Nikki Klepper at the USAC office can be contacted for tickets at (317) 247-5151.

A complete list of points standings as of 11/22/17 can be viewed at: http://usacracing.com/standings/lightning-sprints 

The National rule book has been updated for 2018 with a new points calculation method for 31+ cars. Other highlights include a right rear only tire mandate to reduce costs.  

Hoosier Tire is one of the many sponsors who have pledged support for this new series through a multi-year relationship. Speedway Motors—America’s oldest speed shop—is the title sponsor with a myriad of other sponsoring companies, including AFCO, CSI, PRO Shocks, My Race Pass, Saldana Race Products, Aeromotive, Weld, Rod End Supply, Hoosier Speed, Outlaw Wings, Racing Optics, and EMi.





Bradley Wins Oct. 21st MMSA Feature at Tri-State

Tri-State Speedway Results:
Anthony Haas
Justin Lewis
Chase Briscoe

Chayse Hayhurst

Andy Bradley
Anthony Haas
Chayse Hayhurst
Jesse Vermillion
Chase Briscoe
Justin Lewis
Damon Fortune
Jacob Samm
Blake Vermillion
Brandon Smith
Ryan Barr
Cody Trammell
Cindy Chambers
Tim Light
Jeff Schindler 
Kyle Hathaway
Ethan BigHoss Rutherford
Ronald Tepe
Travis Stickles
Dean A Parker
Dylan Moan

Greg Dedrick Jr
Tim Hirsch
Scott Bradley
Dalton Hayhurst




Crowder Sweeps in RMLSA Finale

Oct. 14th, 2017

The Rocky Mountain Lightning Sprints finished off the 2017 season with 20 cars racing at I-76 Speedway in Fort Morgan Colorado. It was a cold and windy fall evening that welcomed our 9th Feature winner. #26 Chris Crowder drove his new Honda powered Hyper chassis for the win, followed by #1CO 2016 Champion Glenn Waterland, and two time winner this year, #17 Dave McCray rounding out the top three.

Heat races were won by #26 Chris Crowder, and #7 Josh Flood.

Feature finish- 
#26 Crowder
#1CO Waterland 
#17 MCCray
#24B Johnny Boos
#10 Ken Brown
#61 Jesse Fernandez 
#7 Josh Flood
#9F Andy Flood
#29 Lance Bennett
#71 Frank Martinez 
#57 Andrew Daniels 
#25 Mike Rotramel 
#1 Troy Ullery 
#3 Rick Marchbank 
#31 Steve Becker
#2Z Trevor Snow
#97 Dustin Weland
#8 Vicky Mills
#2 Blaine Schubarth 
#56 Jason Wesseling




Mike Long's Conference Call with Yamaha Corp.

Oct. 13, '17

Everyone – Thank you for the time last evening. I would especially like to thank Dave Park from Yamaha for spending the time with all of us. I do hope you feel the discussion was productive and informative. The topics and general consensus, of those who responded, were:

A. Factory Traction Control

a. System engineered and offered for motorcycle is not optimized 
i. Traction control is a reactive system - meaning mistake must happen first for system to attempt to correct.
1. Yamaha tests, in a four wheel vehicle, have not returned a performance advantage by using the system (i.e. lap times)
  ii. Gyroscope, IMU’s, and sensors are generally stripped away
2. Systems not wired correctly or missing portions will potential enable a Limp Mode
3. Wheel speed sensors must be present for system to function

B. Yamaha Dirt Track Car

a. Purpose of concept vehicle was to grow dirt circle track market -- https://www.facebook.com/yamahadirttrack/
b. Create affordable low maintenance race vehicle
 i. Able to be financed
ii. Widely available at dealer locations
c. Uses ctreet version of R1 engine on pump gas
3. Crate engine concept – Yamaha has interest in creating a package
a. Not currently available by any manufacturer
b. Two engines to choose from in cross-plane design:
 i. R1 -- Titanium and magnesium components, higher revving, higher cost
  ii. R1S -- Steel/aluminum components (version utilized in other projects)
c. Sealed version of either is possible
i. Components can be sold separately
1. Long Block (core)
2. Accessory package (injection, air box, harness, ECU, etc.)
d. Tech tools can be created
i. ECU’s issued to sanctioning body for swap program, or

ii. Diagnostic program created to plug ECU into a tablet/device to get a visual

1. Green/red light to indicate if ECU has been tampered with (this would be a preferred method)
e. Cost
 i. The choice of engine is a variable as well as components included
1. A determination needs made if groups prefer the stock air box/ injection or want that left out of the pricing
1. A determination needs made if groups prefer the stock air box/ injection or want that left out of the pricing
f. The stock oil pan will fit and provide ground clearance when mounted in a chassis
g. Rev limits increased beyond factory settings and how that relates to reliability needs further discussion

Please speak amongst your groups about these possibilities and if this is a program anyone would like to pursue. We can discuss the feedback in a future call.

Thanks Again,

Mike Long





(Torrance, CA, October 11, 2017) Four-time California Lightning Sprint Car Series Champion Bobby Michnowicz scored his fifth straight main event victory at the “North vs South Civil War Challenge” at the Ventura Raceway last Saturday night. The win propelled Michnowicz to the top of the heap in the point standings and put him in the driver’s seat in the championship chase with only two races to go in the 2017 season.

Bobby Michnowicz of Lomita won his fifth straight CLS main event last Saturday at the Ventura Raceway and took over the series point lead. Photo courtesy of Doug Allen. 

The final “North vs South Civil War Challenge” race pulled a great field of 30-cars to the famous track located on the beach at the Ventura County Fairgrounds. Madera’s Charlie Caraccilo, who won the main event at Ventura on July 8th, turned in the fastest lap in qualifying when he timed in at 12.035. USAC/CRA Sprint Car Series regular Alec Bender, who won at Ventura on June 3rd, was second quick at 12.061 and sophomore CLS driver Aiden Lange was third when stopped the clocks with a time of 12.114.

Cody Nigh of Camarillo, Oakdale’s Craig Dillard, Hunter Kinney of Rocklin and Bender won the four, eight lap heat races. The eight fastest qualifiers contested a six-lap trophy dash that saw second year CLS driver Nigh lead green to checkered to earn the pole position for the main event. Hickman’s Steve Brown finished second with Michnowicz third in the dash. “Rockstar” Jon Robertson of Torrance closed the preliminaries when he bested Chino’s Pat Kelley in the 10-lap B-main.

The front row for the 22-car, 25-lap main was comprised of Nigh and Brown. Michnowicz and Ventura’s Bruce Douglass were in row two with point leader Jarrett Kramer of Spring Valley and Caraccilo in the third row.

Nigh got the jump when the green flag flew and his uncle, Michnowicz, tore into second by the time the field exited turn two on the first go round. Brown, Douglass and Kramer rounded out the top five after the first lap. 

It did not take long for Michnowicz, who resides in Lomita, to steer the Tshirts by Timeless/Pflum Wagner Racing/Fuel Safe Racing Cells/Cold Fire West/Fabozzi Metal Works/Outlaw Wings/Kaiser Wheels/Circle Track Performance/Super Shox/DLX/2011 Kawasaki ZX10 #21K to the front. Showing no family love, the soon to be 54-year-old was dead even with his nephew as they crossed the stripe to finish lap two, and snatched the lead away in turn one on the third circuit. From that point on, Michnowicz led every inch of the way. 

Nigh stayed close to his uncle for a few laps, but the leader eventually pulled away and by lap six was approaching lapped traffic. A couple laps later, he was threading his way through the lappers with no problems. However, his wide advantage was trashed when Hunter Kinney ended up on his lid in turn one on the 12th lap bringing out the red flag. The unhappy Kinney was uninjured and walked off the track under his own power, but his car was done for the night. 

For the restart with 14-laps remaining, Michnowicz had a lapped car between himself and Nigh. Likewise, Nigh had a lapper between himself and third place Douglass. Nigh quickly got past the lapped car in front of him on the start, but within two laps, Michnowicz had stretched his advantage to more than half a straightaway. 

Things proceeded until a yellow slowed everybody down after 19-laps. It was during the yellow flag period that the whole CLS season dramatically changed. Kramer, who had led the championship standings the entire season, coasted into the infield with his car belching smoke. That pretty much assured that as soon as the checkered came down six laps later Michnowicz, if he did not drop out, would take over the point lead.
Predictably when the green light turned back on, Michnowicz ran away and hid from the field. The fans switched their attention to a good battle between Nigh, Douglass and Caraccilo for second. Eventually with a little more than two laps to go, Caraccilo finally won that battle with an inside pass of Douglass, but by that time, Michnowicz was almost a half track in front and cruised it to his fifth main win in a row and his eighth of the season. Caraccilo drove his white #87 across the line in second with Douglass, Nigh and Lange rounding out the top five. Kelley was the main event “Hard Charger” coming from 18th to finish ninth.

“We are getting pretty lucky and we are on a role, so we are pretty happy,” the winner told infield announcer Tami Velasquez after the race. “The car was pretty nice. The track was narrow, but it was fast. You had to get cars early because once everybody got up to speed, it was hard to pass.”
While Michnowicz was taking over the point lead, Waterford’s Dakota Albright finished sixth in the main event and that was enough to make him the 2017 “North vs South Civil War Challenge Champion.” Fellow BCRA driver Craig Dillard of Oakdale was second in points in the four-race series. CLS drivers Nigh, Lange and Michnowicz placed third through fifth in Civil War points.

With only two races left in the CLS campaign – October 28th at Ventura and November 18th at Bakersfield – Michnowicz leads Kramer by 45-points in the championship standings. Lange remains in the title picture and only trails the leader by 66-points. Nigh and Palmdale’s Eric Greco round out the top five. 

The California Lightning Sprint Car Series would like to thank the following sponsors for helping make the 2017 season possible: Christian Stover Foundation, Circle Track Performance, Cold Fire West, DK Fabrication, Extreme Muffler, Fast Undercar, Hoosier Tire, Keizer Wheels, Outlaw Wings, Racing Optics, Rod End Supply, Saldana Race Products, Sander Engineering, Speedmart, Speed Partz, Super Shocks, T Shirts by Timeless, Woodland Auto Display.
If you or your company would like to become part of the series for the 2017 season, please call Bobby Michnowicz at: (310) 320-5569.

To keep up with the CLS online, please visit the website at: http://racecls.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/californialightningsprints/

Ventura Main Event Results (with starting positions)
1. Bobby Michnowicz – Lomita – 3rd
2. Charlie Caraccilo – Madera – 6th 
3. Bruce Douglass – Ventura – 4th
4. Cody Nigh – Camarillo – 1st 
5. Aiden Lange – Lakewood – 7th
6. Dakota Albright – Waterford – 11th 
7. Steve Brown – Hickman – 2nd 
8. Pat Kelley – Chino – 18th 
9. Brent Sexton – Lakeside – 10th 
10. Brad Dillard – Oakdale – 13th 
11. Dominic Del Monte – Gardena – 16th 
12. Robb Pelmear – Ventura – 20th 
13. James Squire III – Lakeside – 22nd 
14. Jon Squire – El Cajon – 19th 
15. Dale Gamer – Anaheim – 21st
16. Jon Robertson – Torrance – 17th 
17. Jarrett Kramer – Spring Valley – 5th 
18. Alec Bender – Ramona – 8th 
19. Kevin Michnowicz – Lomita – 12th 
20. Dan Hillberg – Placentia – 9th 
21. Craig Dillard – Oakdale – 15th 

22. Hunter Kinney – Rocklin – 14th 




Don Harvey Wins USAC Lightning Sprint Nationals

brought to you by Rod End Supply.

Sept. 16th, 2017

Bloomington Speedway Results (Day 2)

Chris Bounds
Don Harvey
Andy Bradley
Rod Henning

Cody Trammell
Ryan Secrest
Jesse Vermillion 
Kyle Hathaway
Dave Dorsett
Blake Vermillion
Jacob Samm
Kevin Blue
Brandon Cofee
Brandon Smith
Mike Miller
Kevin Frederiksen
Ronnie Brannon
Dylan Moan
G. Garrison

Don Harvey 
Andy Bradley
Rod Henning
Tom Brown
Ryan Barr
Chris Bounds
Bobby Michnowicz
Austin Archdale
Cody Trammell
CJ Malueg
Jesse Vermillion
Anthony Haas
Brad Strunk
Austin Powell
Cindy Chambers
Justin Lewis
Bo Binder
Scott Bradley
Bradley Ashford
Ryan Secrest
Kyle Hathaway

Thanks to all 36 Lighning Sprint teams for making the 2017 Lightning Sprint Nationals a success !

Plans already in action for 2018. Congrats to you for putting on a great show !




Here's the latest information from Mike Long regarding the upcoming USAC sanctioning

Thank you to all for the strong participation in the last three conference calls. We have accomplished our goals and created a foundation to move forward with. To recap where we are, the updated rules are attached. These will now be packaged as a National rule book and redistributed when completed.

I want to thank Levi Jones for spending time with us to answer questions and announce the $10K points fund for 2017. USAC specifics are:

1. Individual groups/clubs will maintain internal control of their series, including but not limited to all financials, tech, procedural calls (line ups) and scheduling

2. Racers will not be required to join USAC and will serve no penalty for not doing so

a. Only USAC registered drivers will be eligible for National Points in sanctioned event.

    i.  Registration will open Jan. 1, 2017

b. Points will be awarded for actual finishing position only.

    i. Points are weighted by total car count per race

c. The drivers membership with USAC would provide them with the extra participant accident insurance

      i. Membership fee is $150 annually

3. Groups / clubs, with registered drivers, will be required to schedule a minimum of 10 USAC sanctioned races per season

a. Groups are permitted to hold events outside of USAC sanction

b.Sanctioned races will be noted upon issue of season schedule

4. Tracks will communicate and deal with each series directly

a. Any participating track would need to supply the group a valid Certificate of Insurance (COI) for a 1 million dollar general liability policy covering the entire year. All scheduled tracks will have their insurance provider email this to Levi at USAC.  

5. Points fund breakdown (thank you all for your ideas – I merged them below)

1. $3000
2. $ 2000
3. $ 1500
4. $ 800
5. $ 700
6. $ 600
7. $ 500
8. $ 400
9. $ 300
10. $ 200

6. Top three finishing positions will be recognized at USAC Night of Champions banquet in Indianapolis during PRI show every December.

We still have a few more things to iron out. I will be in communication with Levi and look forward to seeing you all next Saturday morning at the Museum of American Speed at 9am.




Now as you can see to the left, there are quite a few of the organizations that have yet to develop a website (indicated with white background)...however several of them do have email address'. If you go to the bottom of each information page, you can find the names and address', and phone numbers for those organizations. If you have any update information, please pass on pertinent info. Thanks.



Your comments and suggestions are welcome, if you would like to link your mini sprint racing association, please email me at adavis_11@yahoo.com  .




2017 parade of champions


Waiting for final results

USAC National Champion


Don Harvey - USAC Lightning Sprint Nationals Winner (IN)


 # 22 Brandon Johnson- NLSA Champion (CN)


 # 2 Blaine Schubarth - Rocky Mtn. Lightning Sprints


 # 10h Rod Henning -- Midwest Mini Sprint Assoc.


Looking for photo

 b20 Tom Brown -- Midwest Lightning Sprints


 # 23S Brad Strunk -- American Mini Sprint Assoc.


Looking for photo

  # 72s Criag Dillard -- BCRA Midget Lites


 # 13 Steven Hendrickson -- Deming Speedway (WA)- 1200's 


# 7 Kyle Mithcel -- Deming Speedway (WA) - 600's


#22d Dakota Drake - Deming Speedway (WA)/NMSA - 600 R


Looking for photo

# 12 Colton Gubler - Western Outlaws (UT)


# 66 Nick Daywalt - Wisc. Mini Sprints


  # 11f Ryan Fulk -- Black Hills Mini Sprint Tour


Looking for photo

# 15 -- Kyle Belliveau --Granite State Mini Sprint Assoc. - 600cc Modified


Looking for photo

 Dick Lamotte --Granite State Mini Sprint Assoc. - 600cc Stock


Looking for photo

  # 60 - Kyle Pittman --Granite State Mini Sprint Assoc. - 500cc Class


Looking for photo

  # 11 Dexter Dvergsten -- Greenbush Race Park (MN)



 -- Illinois Lightning Sprints Series



 -- California Lightning Sprints



 -- Mod. Midgets of New Mexico


 # 16 Eric Sundborg-- Lightning Sprint Quebec (AMSQ)



 Florida Mini Sprint Assoc.


Buy it at.... 


A Guide to Getting Started.

Upright Mini Sprint racing is one of the fastest growing segments of open wheel racing.  The class which features open wheel racers similar in size to a full-size midget, but powered by a motorcycle engine, have become a popular stepping stone for today's youth as well as a economical playground for the weekend warrior.  The cars run on both paved and dirt ovals around the world with the heaviest concentration in the United States.

Mini Sprint Racing 101 covers everything you need to know about getting started in the sport:


Selecting the right class of racing


What is an upright mini sprint?


A complete list of where mini sprints race


Understanding the engines used in mini sprints


Working with a chain drive car


Safety requirements


Buying your first mini sprint


Buyer's Guide


Rebuilding a used mini sprint


The basics of setting up a mini sprint


What will you need to go to the track


Before you get out on the track

Your first season




97 Pages including photographs.


Visit www.speedpartz.com to purchase.







































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