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Welcome to minisprintracing.com, a site devoted to the traditional driver behind the engine, upright open wheel race car, utilizing 600cc to 1200cc engines. The Welterweight Sprint Car for "Squirtin' Dirt"!




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Xtreme Thunder Racing Series (IL)













































































































































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Ø  Frame roll cage and halos must be constructed of a minimum 1-1/4 X .095 or 1-3/8 X .083 4130 tubing

Ø  Wheel base 65” – 74”, measured centerline to centerline

Ø  Engine offset is a maximum of 6” measured at the rear of the engine, centerline of inside cylinders to the center line of the main frame rails. Chassis built with bottom frame rail offsets in the engine or cockpit area - the inner most bottom rails will be used to measure the engine offset.

Ø  Must be chain drive.

Ø  Bumpers and nerf bars must be bolted to the frame. Nerf bars cannot extend past the outside of rear tires and cannot have any sharp edges or corners.


Ø  Top wing to be maximum 16 sq. ft. Wing must be a single airfoil and constructed square. Maximum dish of 2” with additional maximum wicker bill of 2.”  Wicker bill is not included in the airfoil dimension.  Side panels to be maximum RS 1460 sq.in. And LS 1680 sq.in. 

Ø  Front wing to be a maximum 576 sq.in. Must be single airfoil and constructed square. Side panels maximum 12”H X 26”L.

Ø  No portion of either wing can be outside the tires.

Ø  One cockpit adjustable wing actuator is allowed.


Ø  13” wheels and tires only. 12” wide RR wheel max.  10” wide LR wheel max. As supplied by manufacturer.

Ø  Right rear tire must be a Hoosier


Ø  No cockpit adjusters allowed. Adjustable shocks are permitted.


Ø  Any 1000cc, normally aspirated, production motorcycle engine may be used. Engine model must be in production for two full calendar years prior to use. No limited production engines will be permitted. No current year production engines allowed. Serial number must be identifiable.

Ø  Engine case, cylinders, head, crank, rods, pistons, cams, valves, transmission, coatings, and clutch must remain stock OEM and operational. All engine components must match the engine year of manufacture.

Ø  Existing engines that have modifications or are over 1000cc will be permitted to compete with specified weight applied.

Ø  Cylinder head may be milled for cleanup. OEM gasket thickness must be utilized.

Ø  Engines with modifications must be disclosed prior to the event on the event registration form.

Ø  All cars must be able to start and pull off under their own power without assist.

Ø  Mufflers are mandatory.

Ø  Radiator and all coolers must be located in a shielded area outside the driver’s compartment and cannot extend above or be located behind the driver’s head.


Ø  Oiling system may be modified for reliability. Oil pan, pickup, cooler, lines, tank(s), and pump(s) may be modified or replaced.

WEIGHT (Post race with driver):

Ø  1000 CC Stock Engine: 950 lbs

Ø  Over 1000cc or any preexisting unapproved engine modifications: 1050 lbs

Ø  A weight decal will be placed on both sides of the frame rail to signify car weight to scale operator.

Ø  Material used for weight must be firmly attached to the main frame. Only lead and/or steel plate will be allowed.


Ø  Maximum 112 octane gas or Methanol. No additives or oxygenated fuels will be permitted.

Ø  A Midget/Micro/Sprint tank must have a bladder. No metal tanks without a bladder or fuel cell inside. Rollover valves will be mandatory. All tanks/fuel cells must be securely mounted between frame rails and/or behind the driver.


Ø  Electronic or Mechanical Injection may be used.


Ø  Aftermarket Engine Control Module(s) or Fuel Management System(s) will be permitted. No aftermarket plug-in traction control devices, wheel speed, or chain sensors will be permitted.


Ø  Top of roll cage must be a minimum of three (3) inches above the driver’s helmet. Measured vertically at center of helmet.

Ø  Chain guards are mandatory and must completely shield the driver from the chain.

Ø  A firewall between engine and driver is required and must completely separate the engine from the driver’s compartment. Driver’s feet are required to be behind the firewall and motor.

Ø  5 point seat belts with shoulder harness and sub strap are required.

Ø  No car will be allowed to compete that requires dismantling portions thereof to enter or leave the cockpit with exception of the steering wheel.

Ø  A kill switch and fuel shut off valve are required and must be within the driver’s reach with arm restraints on. The switch must be clearly marked and must disconnect electric fuel pump (if they exist) and ignition.


See attachment.



Finishing Position


Finishing Position




































































































Registration Fee: Free if registered before 8/26/16   After 8/26/16 - $25 per night    Pit Passes:  $25

Format:  Draw / Redraw

All drivers draw for heats. Qualifiers redraw for starting positions. One Heat - 5 redraw, Two – Five Heats - 10 redraw, Three – Four – or Six Heats - 12 redraw

“B” Mains are lined up straight up from heats with highest finishers starting in front

Rules:  General policies, conduct, and safety regulations will be administered in accordance to IMCA guidelines and/or Eagle Raceway procedures






It's Dvergsten at Greenbush

Aug. 20, 2016

1 6 11    Dexter Dvergsten    Greenbush , Mn 35.00  
2 8 8J    Brandon Johnson    Holt , Mn 33.00  
3 4 10T    Alex Truscinski    Greenbush , Mn 32.00  
4 11 2R    Roland Bernard    Winnipeg , Mb 31.00  
5 5 4    Eric Johnson    Grand Forks, Nd 30.00  
6 7 13T    Alan Truscinski    Greenbush , Mn 29.00  
7 9 2B    Presley Truedson    Kennedy , Mn 28.00  
8 15 6H    Brody Hutton    Manvel , Nd 27.00  
9 12 2    Corey Olson    Badger , Mn 26.00  
10 2 93    Kelsi Pederson    East Grand, Mn 25.00  
11 10 18    Ryan Davis    Theif River, Mn 24.00 DNF
12 3 7    Dan Wiskow    Roseau , Mn 23.00 DNF
13 1 21H    Steve Hildebrand    La Broquerie, Mb 22.00 DNF
14 13 18D    Charles Davis    Grygla , Mn 21.00 DNF
15 14 69    Jim Hadfield    Winnipeg , Mb 20.00 DNF




Zach Emmons makes it a Fourpeat on Fair Night

Aug. 20, 2016 -- Wilmot speedway -- The day started out rainy, but the track was surprisingly dry for the 19 Mini Sprints that took to the track on Saturday during the Kenosha County Fair. Everyone even drove their own car for a change. A furious battle ensued during the last half of the Feature between the Daywalt brothers and Zach Emmons, but Zach hung on to claim his 4th feature of the year. The Top 5 were as follows:

1).  Zach Emmons

2).  Nick Daywalt 

3).  Kyle Daywalt  

4).  Mark Heinert  

5).  Mike Neau      




Scarborough Dominates in 600's, Siemons Best in 500's

Posted 2016-08-15 at 16:10 

The Granite State Mini Sprints returned to Bear Ridge Speedway for the Fifth time this season Saturday evening, August 6th, but with a twist. This was "Topless" night, the only time in the season that the cars are run wingless. It was evident during Hot Laps that the handling characteristics are vastly different running without the wing. Some of the crews and drivers made the necessary changes to compensate for the lack of a wing before hitting the track but for others it was a work in progress as a lot of changes were seen after both hot laps and the heats.

The evening started out with a bang for the 500cc's as while challenging the #96 of Tom Chaffee for the lead in Heat 1 Brandon Emerson in the #88 got loose out of turn two spun and flipped. Not only was Brandon OK, but after everything was situated he was pushed off and finished the heat! Tom Chaffee took the win in Heat 1 followed by Brent Warren in the #7 and Shawn King in the #4. Heat 2 was uneventful compared to heat 1, at the finish it was the #5 of Tanner Siemons with the heat win followed by the #39 of Will Ordway and the #71 of Owen Carbee.

The Feature for the 500's saw the caution fly a few times for minor incidents with no serious accidents. The #5 of Tanner Siemons made good use of the inside lane to work his way to the top spot with just a few laps to go to take the win, the fourth of the Season for Tanner. Nadine Coates in the #72, who came from the rear after being involved in a mid race incident, crossed the line second. Coates was piloting the EX machine with an experimental engine in it so she doesn't receive any points. Tom Chaffee in the #96, Chris Carbee in the #1 and Owen Carbee in the #71 completed the top five.

The 600cc Heat saw John Scarborough in the #61 get to the front early and take an easy win. John Mills in the #83 was second with Sean Beinhaur third. The Feature for the 600's was more of the same as once points leader John Scarborough in the #61 got to the front he was not really challenged and John went on the take win number Five with the Granite State Mini Sprints for the season. As in the Heat, John Mills was second with Sean Beinhaur third. Drew Eldridge in the #78 was fourth and reigning 600cc Champion Tony Shaw completed the top five in his #20.

The next event on the calendar for the O'Reilly Auto Parts Granite State Mini Sprints is Friday, August 26th at The Legion Speedway in Wentworth, NH.

Unofficial Results, Bear Ridge Speedway, August 6th 2016

500cc Class

1. Tanner Siemons
2. Nadine Coates
3. Tom Chaffee
4. Chris Carbee
5. Owen Carbee
6. Brandon Emerson
7. Willy Pinkham Jr
8. Matt Valley
9. Briana Akusis
10. Adam Cunningham
11. Shawn King
Riley Chaffee
12. Terry Balla
     DID NOT START: Brent Warren, Peter Belliveau, Colby Beinhaur

600cc Class

1. John Scarborough
2. John Mills
3. Sean Beinhaur
4. Drew Eldridge
5. Tony Shaw
6. Dick LaMotte
7. Jillian Badger
DNS: Kyle Belliveau




The August 13th event for the Empire Ligtning Sprints at Thunder Mountain Speedway was cancelled fue to rain !




Wilson Wins at CMSP

Byers, CO 8-13-16. Scott Wilson took the lead from ken Moore on the third lap & never looked back to take his first Colorado 1200 Outlaws feature win in 2016 here Saturday night at CMSP. Ken Brown moved up to get 2nd & B. J. Sauer came in 3rd. Alan Davis was4th, & Ken Moore rounded out the top five.

Here are the evening's results ....

Heat 1
1) 9 Andy Flood
2) 6 Alan Davis
3) 96 Zac Heuberger
4) 5 Ken Moore

Heat 2
1) 1t Troy Ullery
2) 10 Ken Brown
3) 7 Scott Wilson
4) 0 Bj Sauer

1) 7 Scott Wilson
2) 10 Ken Brown
3) 0 Bj Sauer
4) 6 Alan Davis
5) 5 Ken Moore
6) 9 Andy Flood
7) 96 Zac Heuberger
8) 1t Troy Ullery

The Colorado 1200 Outlaws return to action on Sept. 17 at CMSP with racingscheduled to start at 7. Hope to see you at the races.




Two in a row for Schubarth!

Aug. 21, 2016 -- The #2 Napa car of Blaine Schubarth took the victory again on Saturday ad Sherman County Speedway in Goodland Kansas. 
The podium was completed by the 11c of Glenn Waterland who came through from 6th on the grid and Johnny Boos who held 2nd for a long time until a slight error coming off turn 2 allowed Waterland the chance to slip through. 
The top five was rounded out by #31 Steve Becker and Jesse Fernandez in the 61. 
Blaine made it a perfect night by also taking the win in the first heat race which featured a wild slide by Jesse Fernandez in the #61. Heat race 2 was taken by Johnny Boos in the 24B.






(Torrance, CA, August 9, 2016) Three-time California Lightning Sprint Car Series champion Bobby Michnowicz scored his third win of the season in front of a packed house on opening night of the Ventura County Fair. The win ties him with Alex Grigoreas on top of the 2016 main event win list.

Bobby Michnowicz, shown above on July 2nd at Perris Auto Speedway, won his third California Lightning Sprint Car main even of 2016 at the Ventura County Fair. Please give photo credit to Doug Allen.

A fine field of 21-cars showed up for the weeknight show. USAC/CRA Sprint Car regular A.J. Bender of San Marcos out qualified the field with a time of 13.081. Grigoreas and Michnowicz were second and third fast.

Three eight-lap heat races proceeded the main event before the festive crowd. Rookie Aiden Lange of Lakewood scored his second heat race win of the year in heat one. Upland’s Grigoreas took the second heat and 2010 series champ Jarrett Kramer won the third heat, which was the fastest of the night. 

Veterans Jon Squire of El Cajon and Anaheim’s Dale Gamer occupied the front row for the main event. Squire led Gamer and Placentia veteran Dan Hillberg through the first two laps, but the yellow flew in turn one on lap three when fast qualifier Bender got turned around while running seventh. 

Things did not get far on the restart as a massive turn two tangle, that resembled a restrictor plate crash at Talladega or Daytona, brought out the red flag. Several cars were involved and several more stopped to avoid the mess making that end of the racetrack look like a sprint car parking lot. Rookie Eric Greco of Palmdale, in only his second CLS race, tipped over. Every driver emerged uninjured, but six cars did not and they were done for the night. 

Once the wrecked cars were taken off of the track and all of the parts were picked up, there was still 23-laps to go. The top five for the restart was Squire, Gamer, Hillberg, Jeff Dyer of Victorville and Michnowicz. Squire led until the middle of the back chute on lap four when Hillberg, who had already used the outside to go past Gamer for second, continued on the wide line to take the lead. However, that did not even last a half a lap as Hillberg parked it big time in turn four and handed the top spot back to Squire. One lap later, Hillberg refined his turn four form and raced by Squire for the top spot.

Soon after Hillberg laid claim on the point position, Michnowicz, who started seventh in the main, was up to second when another yellow came out for a car stopped in turn two. Once racing resumed, Michnowicz, in his T-Shirts by Timeless/Rosson Racing/Pflum & Wagner Racing/Fuel Safe Racing Cells/Keizer Wheels/Circle Track DLX Chassis/Kawasaki ZX10 #1k, made quick work of Hillberg and was essentially gone for the remainder of the race with the exception of when a couple of lapped cars decided to race side by side back in the pack right in front of him.

Behind first and second, Dyer, who won the last race at Ventura on July 9th, and Grigoreas hooked up in a crowd pleasing, no holds barred battle for third. That went on until lap 15 when Dyer, who was contesting his last race before leaving for the California Highway Patrol Academy in Sacramento, had his air box come off and coasted into the infield. 

The last yellow flew on lap 15 and when the green came back out for the final 10-laps, Michnowicz ran away for his third win of the campaign. Hillberg crossed the line second followed by Kramer, Grigoreas and series leading rookie Cody Nigh of Camarillo. However, Grigoreas did not go to tech after the race and was disqualified. That moved Nigh up to fourth and newcomer Jonathon Conley of Oxnard to fifth. Conley, who is a regular at Ventura in the VRA Dwarf Cars, was the “Hard Charger” moving up a whopping 13 spots after starting 18th.

Grigoreas’ post-race faux pas cost him dearly in the championship point standings. He came in with a 76-point lead over Pat Kelley, who finished seventh in the main. However, the miscue sees that commanding lead whittled down to a mere 19-points. San Bernardino’s James Heling, who placed sixth in the main, is only 39-makers behind Grigoreas. Michnowicz and Dyer are fourth and fifth.

Nigh advanced his lead in the “Rookie of the Year” standings to 80-points over Lange. Lakewood’s Wyatt Downing is third and is only 9-points behind Lange.

The CLS will take this Saturday night off before heading to the Santa Maria Raceway for the final time in 2016 on August 20th. 

Ventura Main Event (with starting positions)
1. Bobby Michnowicz – Lomita – 7th
2. Dan Hillberg – Placentia – 4th
3. Jarrett Kramer – Spring Valley – 11th
4. Cody Nigh – Camarillo – 12th
5. Jonathon Conley – Oxnard – 18th
6. James Heling – San Bernardino – 14th
7. Pat Kelley – Chino – 3rd 
8. Jon Squire – El Cajon – 1st
9. James Squire III – Lakeside – 15th
10. Dale Gamer – Anaheim – 2nd
11. A.J. Bender – San Marcos – 9th
12. Jeff Dyer – Victorville – 6th
13. Jon Simms – Carlsbad – 19th
14. Darren Hillberg – Corona – 16th 
15. Aiden Lange – Lakewood – 5th
16. Jon Robertson – Torrance – 10th
17. Wyatt Downing – Lakewood – 13th
18. Eric Greco – Palmdale - 17th
19. John Nelson – Norco – 21st 
20. Don Kuehner – Perris - 20th 
DQ Alex Grigoreas - Upland



Soouthern Ohio

Allagree Takes Southern Ohio Mini Sprint Feature at 35 Raceway.

Aug. 6, 2016

Heat Winners:  Steven Shell, Dilan Allagree


Dilan Allagree

Steven Shell

Chris Smalley

Austin Powell

Johnnie Starr

Joe Allagree

Chad Hyatt

John Starr

DNS Josh Clifton




Jack Hewitt Classic

AMSA Mini Sprints - Performance Powder Coating

at WRP


Heat 1 -  (8 Laps)
1. 22A-Kobe Allison[1] ; 2. 21B-Ryan Barr[2] ; 3. 92-Frank Beck[3] ; 4. 328-Becca Stiefel[4] ; 5. e99-Gage Etgen[7] ; 6. 14s-Jacob Stickle[5] ; 7. 48D-Dylan Troyer[6]


Heat 2 -  (8 Laps)
1. 42-Ty  Tilton[4] ; 2. 22-Gunnar Lucius[1] ; 3. 81H-Anthony Haas[2] ; 4. IV0-Andrew Heitkamp[6] ; 5. 28K-Ron Kimmel[5] ; 6. 1H-Korbyn Hayslett[7] ; 7. 4X-Bradley Ashford[3]


Heat 3 -  (8 Laps)
1. 44-Christopher Whipple[4] ; 2. 65-Chris Bounds[5] ; 3. 11T-Jacob Taylor[3] ; 4. 7M-Mike Hessel[7] ; 5. 3D-Cody Downard[6] ; 6. 41-Jon  Watson[2] ; 7. 29-Aaron Leffel[1]


Heat 4 -  (8 Laps)
1. 11-Corey Bedwell[4] ; 2. 22b-Brad Racer[5] ; 3. 2-Cory Guingrich[1] ; 4. 5-Bob Jordan[6] ; 5. 7X-Taylor Cox[2] ; 6. 3w-Alex Swanson[3]


B-Main 1 -  (10 Laps)
1. e99-Gage Etgen[1] ; 2. 48D-Dylan Troyer[9] ; 3. 7X-Taylor Cox[4] ; 4. 28K-Ron Kimmel[2] ; 5. 3w-Alex Swanson[8] ; 6. 4X-Bradley Ashford[10] ; 7. 1H-Korbyn Hayslett[6] ; 8. 14s-Jacob Stickle[5] ; 9. 3D-Cody Downard[3] ; 10. 41-Jon  Watson[7] ; 11. 29-Aaron Leffel[11]


A-Main 1 -  (20 Laps)
1. 22b-Brad Racer[8] ; 2. 44-Christopher Whipple[4] ; 3. 42-Ty  Tilton[5] ; 4. 22-Gunnar Lucius[1] ; 5. e99-Gage Etgen[17] ; 6. 65-Chris Bounds[7] ; 7. 92-Frank Beck[9] ; 8. 81H-Anthony Haas[10] ; 9. 28K-Ron Kimmel[20] ; 10. 48D-Dylan Troyer[18] ; 11. 11-Corey Bedwell[3] ; 12. 2-Cory Guingrich[12] ; 13. 5-Bob Jordan[16] ; 14. 7M-Mike Hessel[15] ; 15. 11T-Jacob Taylor[11] ; 16. 21B-Ryan Barr[2] ; 17. 328-Becca Stiefel[13] ; 18. IV0-Andrew Heitkamp[14] ; 19. 22A-Kobe Allison[6] ; 20. 7X-Taylor Cox[19]




Placerville Speedway August 6, 2016 – Midget Lite Results


Heat 1:  1. #87 Charlie Caraccilo, 2. #25 Scott Kinney, 3. #72s Craig Dillard, 4. #9 Scott Males, 5. #2k Kyle Offill, 6. #7f Dan Foster, 7. #75c Chris Hansen

Heat 2: 1. #25k Hunter Kinney, 2. #51 Logan Seavey, 3. #13 Danika Jo Parker, 4. #20d Roy Moody, 5. #88 Nate Buffa,                        6. #37 Tim Kinser, 7. #5 Bradley Dillard DNS

Main Event: 1. #2 Kyle Offill, 2. #72s Craig Dillard, 3. #25k Hunter Kinney, 4. #13 Danika Jo Parker, 5.  #51 Logan Seavey,              6. #88 Nate Buffa, 7. #37 Tim Kinser, 8. #20d Roy Moody, 9. #9 Scott Males, 10. #75c Chris Hansen, 11. #25 Scott Kinney,              12. #87 Charlie Caraccilo, 13. #7f Dan Foster DNS, 14. #5 Bradley Dillard DNS





Race Results Sat. Aug 6, 2016

I-35 Speedway --   Winston , MO

The Midwest Lightning Sprints were back at our home track I-35 Speedway on Sat nite.  The track had plenty of moisture in it and it was fast.  A BIG thank you goes out to our sponsors for 2016, Liquid and Powdercoat Finishes, Adams & Eaton Concrete Pumping, and Rod End Supply.

Heat 1

1st     85      Ken Billings            KC, MO

2nd    51      Mark Billings          KC, MO

3rd      2      Jason Billups            Holt, MO

4th      9s     Tony Layne              KC, MO

5th    25m   Tyler Miller              Gallatin, MO

6th    49       Ryan Secrest            Newton, KS

7th    b20     Tom Brown              Ceresco, NE   


Feature                                       Start Pos.

1st      2        Jason Billups                1

2n     51       Mark Billings                4

3rd    85        Ken Billings                 3

4th    49        Ryan Secrest                 6

5th   b20       Tom Brown                   7

6th     9s       Tony Layne                   2

7th   25m      Tyler Miller                  5

The Lighting Sprints next race is at Valley Speedway in Grain Valley, MO on Aug 13th.  Make plans to come out and watch the Liquid & Powder Coat Finishes Midwest Lightning Sprints squirt the dirt.

The racing in the Midwest Lightning Sprints is fiercely competitive.  With low cost maintenance and motorcycle power, this is still the most economical way to go fast in a race car.  These cars are 1 second a lap faster than an A Mod or a Late Model.  New drivers/cars are coming out each week.  We have drivers that have purchased new cars and have their good used cars for sale. Contact the MLS for info.




MMSA results Aug. 6th at Brownstown

38 entries Brownstown 

Heat 1 Danny Fitzgerald
Heat 2 Andy Bradley
Heat 3 Chris Baumeyer
Heat 4 Brad Strunk

B Main 1 Colin Parker
B Main 2 Howard McCormick

Scotty Bradley
Andy Bradley
Brad Strunk
Danny Fitzgerald
Lynn Ambrose
Justin Lewis
Chris Baumeyer
Kevin Rice
Ryan Barr
Colin Parker
Anthony Haas
Kyle Hathaway
Brandon Smith
Cindy Chambers
Bob Griffitts
Mark Horning
Dave Dorsett
Colin Miller
Tyler Kendall
Daniel Henderson
Howard McCormick DNS





Now as you can see to the left, there are quite a few of the organizations that have yet to develop a website (indicated with white background)...however several of them do have email address'. If you go to the bottom of each information page, you can find the names and address', and phone numbers for those organizations. If you have any update information, please pass on pertinent info. Thanks.



Your comments and suggestions are welcome, if you would like to link your mini sprint racing association, please email me at adavis_11@yahoo.com  .



Buy it at.... 


A Guide to Getting Started.

Upright Mini Sprint racing is one of the fastest growing segments of open wheel racing.  The class which features open wheel racers similar in size to a full-size midget, but powered by a motorcycle engine, have become a popular stepping stone for today's youth as well as a economical playground for the weekend warrior.  The cars run on both paved and dirt ovals around the world with the heaviest concentration in the United States.

Mini Sprint Racing 101 covers everything you need to know about getting started in the sport:


Selecting the right class of racing


What is an upright mini sprint?


A complete list of where mini sprints race


Understanding the engines used in mini sprints


Working with a chain drive car


Safety requirements


Buying your first mini sprint


Buyer's Guide


Rebuilding a used mini sprint


The basics of setting up a mini sprint


What will you need to go to the track


Before you get out on the track


Your first season




97 Pages including photographs.


Visit www.speedpartz.com to purchase.


2014 parade of champions



 - NLSA Champion (CN)



- Rocky Mtn. Lightning Sprints



 Colorado 1200 Outlaws



 Midwest Mini Sprint Assoc.



 Midwest Lightning Sprints



 American Mini Sprint Assoc.



 BCRA Midget Lites



-- Deming Speedway (WA) /NMSA - 1200's 



-- Deming Speedway (WA)/NMSA - 600's



- Deming Speedway (WA)/NMSA - 600 R



# 81 Matt Elmer - Western Outlaws (UT)



 Wisc. Mini Sprints



 Southern States Mini Sprints



 Black Hills Mini Sprint Tour



 Lake Speedway (ND)



 Granite State Mini Sprint Assoc. - 600cc Class



 Granite State Mini Sprint Assoc. - 500cc Class



 --  Western Slope Lightning Sprints (CO)



 Greenbush Race Park (MN)



 Illinois Lightning Sprints Series



 California Lightning Sprints



 -- Mod. Midgets of New Mexico



 -- Lightning Sprint Quebec (AMSQ)



 Florida Mini Sprint Assoc.





























































































































































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